Monthly Archives: May 2018

New Website Launch

Every so often websites need replacing.

After over five years of faithful service, that time recently arrived for the main All Secure Domains site.

The replacement has been in development for some time and I’m very pleased to announce that it went fully live last week.

The new website is initially very similar to the old one in the functionality that it provides, but it provides it much, much better!

Improvements include:
. Better mobile support, for everything from purchasing to domain management.
. Easier navigation with no mouse hover actions and popups.
. Lots faster – loading pages, rendering them and pretty much all interactions.
. Better payment system, now using Stripe instead of PayPal.

The most significant benefit is one that you won’t see straight away though. The new site is now much easier and quicker to enhance and extend. I’ve got a busy schedule of new features planned which will start arriving straight away, keep an eye out for future blog posts.

Your Password

One very important change to note is that you’ll need to use the “forgotten password” process to set a new password before you next login. Thankfully this isn’t due to any data beach; it’s because we store all user passwords encrypted and the new website can’t use the old encryption, hence you must reset your password before you can login to the new site.